Parama Pujya Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji leads more than 220,000 people in Hanuman Chalisa Chant for world peace!

Parama Pujya Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji has led more than two lakh people in chanting Hanuman Chalisa for world peace Tenali, Andhrapradesh on 31st January, 2015.

On the invitation of Hanumad Seva Samiti of Tenali, Pujya Sri Swamiji conducted massive Hanuman Chalisa chanting program in Tenali on 31st January 2015. Pujya Swamiji arrived in Tenali on 29th January 2015. The entire Tenali town was decorated and hundreds of welcome banners welcomed Pujya Swamiji. Tenali felt like a town celebrating a grand festival.


Watch the Video of the Hanuman Chalisa chanting Event

Pujya Swamiji visited the program venue which had beed named as “Janaki Rama Hanumat Pranganam”. The massive arrangements were testimonial to the dedicated efforts put in by the organisers. The entire program venue was planned in 42 acres of land.

12 lakh (1.2 million) square feet of Shamiana (tent or marquee) was put up to host the program. The entire shamiana was green matted to provide comfortable seating to the devotees. Inside the pendal 24 large enclosures were erected to accommodate 5000 persons each. Annadanam was planned after the program at each enclosure itself to avoid rush. 18 large LED projector screens were installed to view the program.


The program stage measured 120 x 60 feet. Artists team from Draksharamam had prepared the artistically tasteful stage decoration. Large statues of Sri Ram, Sita Mata, Lakshmana, Hanuman & Ganapathy were installed.

Later in the morning, Sri Swamiji performed Sri Chakra Puja and addressed the large group of people supporting the program. Sri Swamiji spoke about the media about the next day’s program. Several TV channels were carrying the program live. Sri.Alapati Rajendra Prasad, MLA of Tenali and Sri.Varadarajulu, organising president too addressed the media. It seemed Tenali town was closing down on program day to ensure the success of the mass Hanuman Chalisa chant program.

Official of Guinness world record company, Ms. Fortuna Burke had arrived to verify and declare if tomorrow’s program would be world’s largest chant event. She held meetings with auditors about the verification process.

On 31st January 2015, the grand day of Hanuman Chalisa mass chant program dawned. Throngs of devout public started arriving at the program venue from 4 AM onwards to get seating as close to the stage as possible.

Thousands of SDHS volunteers along with other volunteer groups assisted devotees and organisers. Each visitor was applied Sindhoora Tilakam and was given a Telugu Hanuman Chalisa CD, composed and sung by Pujya Swamiji. Each person’s entry was recorded by scanning bar codes printed on the CD. Each visitor was also given a participation certificate that had Hanuman Chalisa printed on the back side.


Manyu Homa and Hanumad Vratam started at 7 AM. All the six roads leading to the venue had huge crowds of people coming to the program.

At 9 AM Pujya Sri Swamiji arrived at Janaki Rama Hanumad Pranganam. Sri Swamiji was wearing a Kesari color Hanuman vastra and held a Hanuma Khwaja (flag). Pujya Swamiji was received by the organisers with Nada Swaram, Purnakumbha and was led to the stage.

On seeing Pujya Swamiji on stage, the packed auditorium kept cheering “Hanuman ki Jai”. The venue was filled with Hanuman energy. Sri Swamiji offered Purnahuti of Manyu Homa, Archana to Hanuman & Ram Parivar. Sri Swamiji offered a silver crown to Hanuman Murti. As Sri Swamiji stood at the Ram Parivar altar, Sri Swamiji was in trance. Sri Swamiji stood there with closed eyes for a while.

Sri Swamiji ascended the Vyasa Peetha (Bhajan chair) and the musicians prepared for the Hanuman chalisa chanting. Organisers offered garland, invitation vastram to Pujya Swamiji. The air was filled with great anticipation and devotion.

Over one lakh people had assembled in the auditorium.

Pujya Swamiji spoke about Hanuman, Goswami Tulsidas and Hanuman Chalisa and it’s popularity and great Blessings received by everyone who chants it.

Sri Swamiji started to chant Hanuman Chalisa of Goswami Tulasidas. The devotional and spiritual power of Sri Swamiji’s voice lent the air. On stage with Sri Swamiji were the Ashrama musicians and other musicians and a large team of chorus comprising of several well known Hanuman Chalisa propagators of the area. They all felt blessed to be chanting the Chalisa along with Sri Swamiji. Between each Chalisa, Sri Swamiji spoke about a great event from Ramayana connected with Hanuman. The massive volume of Hanuman Chalisa singing from over hundred thousand people reached the skies. People were still streaming inside.


Tamil Nadu Governor, Sri.Rosaiah arrived with family. He too joined the chanters. After ninth chant of the Hanuman Chalisa, Fransisca Burke announced that the participants count had reached 128, 918 and this event led by Sri Swamiji had become the world record for “Most people chanting in a single venue”. She and Governor Rosaiah presented the new guinness record to Pujya Swamiji. The audience cheered loudly and thunderous clapping filled the hall.


The Hanuman Chalisa chanting continued. After chanting Hanuman Chalisa for 26 times, Sri Swamiji went to the 250 kilogram Ladoo prepared for the event and offered it to Hanuman.


Then, Sri Swamiji climbed to the Ram Parivar altar for the final Chalisa chant. Sri Swamiji offered Arati to the deities as the musicians chanted final and 27th round of Hanuman Chalisa. It was emotional moment. As Sri Swamiji showed the Arati to the public, one could see a sea of hands going up to take the arati.

The entire event reflected grand planning, dedicated devotion, meticulous arrangements. After the Arati, Pujya Swamiji closed His eyes and leaned a little on Hanuman on the the altar. Later, Pujya Swamiji rested the Hanuman flag at the feet of Sri Ramachandra Prabhu. Pujya Swamiji waved His hand to the crowds. Tens of thousands of hands waved back. The four hour program concluded with this acknowledgement between Sadguru & the devout Hanuma Bhaktas.

Sri Swamiji gave a short media brief in Vijayawada airport and returned to Mysore. Thus concluded world’s largest Hanuman Chalisa chanting program.