S.No Aarjita Seva Deity Description Periodicity Amount Approximate Timing
1 Shaanti Kalyanam Srinivasa Monthly Kalyanam conducted on every Hasta Nakshatram for the benefit of Devotees Every 27th Day 2,000.00 9.30 AM
2 Shravana Nakshatra Pooja Srinivasa On Every Shravana Nakshatra (Vishnu Nakshatra Day), Archana & Saaligraama Abhisheka performed Every 27th Day 500.00 7 AM
3 *Dwaadashi Puja Srinivasa Every 12th day after Poornima/ Amaavaasya , Archana & Saligraama Abhisheka performed Every 15th Day 101.00 7 AM
4 *Poornima/ Amaavaasya Pooja Srinivasa On Full Moon day and New Moon Day, Archana & Saaligraama Abhishekam performed Every 15th Day 101.00 7 AM
5 Sankashtahara Pooja Ganapati Brief Puja is performed to get rid of difficulties 3rd/ 4th Evening after Poornima(Full Moon Day) 25.00 6 PM
6 Sankashtahara Vratam Ganapati Elaborate Puja is performed to get rid of difficulties. Sponsors advised to fast till evening 3rd/ 4th Evening after Poornima (Full Moon Day) 101.00 6 PM
7 Deepa Alankara Seva Padmavati The Temple is illuminated with Oil Lamps. Offering this service to Lakshmi will help improve prosperity. Amaavaasya day 250.00 6 PM
8 Dhanalakshmi Puja Padmavati OPuja offered with 1008 Coins. Offering this service to Lakshmi will improve prosperity Amaavaasya Day 1,000.00 6 PM
9 Satyanarayana Vratam Vishnu It is customary to worship Lord Vishnu in this form, as per procedures. Poornima & Ekadashi 500.00 9:30 AM
10 Mahaanyasa Poorvaka Rudra Abhishekam Shiva It is auspicious to chant Rudra Adhyaaya 11 times, after Mahaa Nyaasa while conducting Abhisheka Maasa Shivaraatri 1,100.00 5 PM
11 Subrahmanya Puja Subrahmanya Each Kruttikaa Nakshatra, special Puja is performed to Marakata Subrahmanya Kruttika Nakshatra 250.00 & 50.00
8 AM


Note: All monthly Puja & Seva are performed by Temple as Nitya Seva. Devotees are welcome to partake in the Seva

* These are important days of worship for Maha Vishnu, according to Vaikhana Aagama. Devotees can offer Puja on these days.